Raine & Humble

In 2007, the story of Raine & Humble began in Melbourne, Australia. It’s the story of four friends…a self-taught designer, a textile craftsman, a passionate entrepreneur and a friend who always believed in them and motivated them to go after their dreams.

_MG_7036Kerry’s first design was a simple cushion called ‘Moments’. It was a typography design based on simple family values, peace love and happiness. A reminder of what’s important in life. Simple moments that become happy memories. That one cushion was so popular that it reinforced the friend’s belief that it was also important for others to create a home full of memories, love and laughter!

So, with great passion (and a lot of hard work!) the friends developed new designs and products from simple sketches to weaving the raw cotton with original techniques, stitching and printing; doing the whole process in house. As much as possible, the products lovingly made by hand to create a human touch as well as creating employment for more people in their community.

The beautiful designs and fabrics continue to grow and change but the values behind them remain the same, always practical and useful, filling homes with beauty in a humble way. Simple guilt free pleasures to add to everyday life such as drying the dishes, doing the ironing or simply relaxing with a cushion on the couch. The best moments at home are full of love and laughter and Raine & Humble always make sure there are a few products that bring a smile to your face…doggy doorstops, rabbit bag holders, a novelty tea towel or paw print oven mitts…great gifts to make a loved one smile!

What started as a chance business meeting has grown into a truly special brand, where the family-like bond shared by the friends and their simple family values…peace, love & happiness reflect in everything they do. Their dream became a reality and their ‘little Aussie brand’ is now loved and shared around the world.

“Anything is possible with a dream, hard work & passion!”

100% cotton products. Raine and Humble textiles are made in their own factory in India by third generation cotton producers. Everything is ethically produced using traditional dying methods and innovative weaving and washing methods to give different textures. All employees are paid fair wages and work in ideal working conditions with no child employment. They truly believe that every person born in this world must have the right to lead a healthy life with a promising future. Supporting the lives of orphans and local communities is at the very heart of the company’s core values and giving philosophy. They work with organisations that enhance livelihood, income generation and micro-enterprise development. All cushions come with non-live plucked feather pads, meaning that all the feathers used are a by-product of the meat industry, reducing wastage.

“Launched in 2007 by a group of savvy designers, Raine and Humble is a home furnishings brand based in Melbourne, Australia.

Abbreviated as R&H, the brand’s sole objective is to beautify homes with a blend of classical antiquity and innovative modernity.

Additionally, adherence to using eco-friendly materials in designing, manufacturing and packaging is a top priority and has been accomplished diligently till date.

This motto along with our core group of designers, who brim with creative fascination and passion, have helped build and develop the brand.

R&H‘s humble beginnings and values, keeps it progressively fixed on meeting its objectives diligently and consistently.

Its dynamic and continually evolving new product lines create new home decor trends.

From whimsical lively patterns to classic European styles and timeless designs, Raine and Humble home linens, décor accessories, furnishings and kitchen clothing deliver uniqueness and appeal as a fundamental characteristic.

In addition, all product lines incorporate in their designs, a conglomeration of different traditions and cultures witnessed in countries across the world.”

Lindsey, French Studio , USA